Long-Acting Injectable (LAI) for Schizophrenia

Discover the effectiveness of Long-Acting Injectable (LAI) medications in managing schizophrenia symptoms. LAIs ensure steady medication levels for extended periods, minimizing hospitalization risks and enhancing medication adherence.

What are LAIs used for?

Long-acting injectables (LAIs) are primarily utilized in the treatment of schizophrenia, which is a chronic mental disorder characterized by distorted thoughts, perceptions, and behaviors. Individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia often experience symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions, disorganized thinking, and impaired social functioning.
LAIs play a crucial role in managing these symptoms by delivering a controlled and consistent dose of medication over an extended period, thereby stabilizing mood and reducing the frequency and severity of psychotic episodes.
Addressing both positive and negative symptoms commonly associated with schizophrenia, this treatment approach effectively manages hallucinations and delusions.
Offers a convenient treatment option with fewer doses needed. Promotes consistent medication levels, minimizing relapse risk.

How Injectable Medications Work?

Long-Acting Injectables (LAIs) function by delivering the active ingredients directly into the bloodstream through intramuscular injection and subcutaneous injection. Once administered, these medications are gradually released into the bloodstream over an extended period, providing a sustained therapeutic effect. LAIs utilize various mechanisms to ensure controlled release, such as microspheres or polymer formulations that slowly dissolve or degrade, allowing for a steady release of the medication. 

This sustained release mechanism helps to maintain consistent medication levels in the body, minimizing fluctuations and optimizing therapeutic outcomes. LAIs offer the advantage of reduced dosing frequency compared to oral medications, thereby enhancing medication adherence and facilitating long-term management of psychiatric conditions such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Types of Injection for Schizophrenia

Several types of injections are available for the treatment of schizophrenia, each with its own unique characteristics and delivery mechanisms. The most common type is the Long-Acting Injectable (LAI), which delivers a controlled dose of medication over an extended period, ranging from 2 weeks to 12 Weeks.
Administered intramuscularly once a month, haloperidol injection provides an effective treatment option for schizophrenia. Its monthly dosing schedule facilitates adherence to the treatment regimen and helps prevent relapses in symptomatology.
Given intramuscularly once a month, fluphenazine injection offers another reliable option for managing schizophrenia symptoms. With its monthly dosing regimen, fluphenazine injection ensures consistent therapeutic levels of the medication, contributing to stable symptom control and improved patient outcomes.


ABILIFY, a widely used antipsychotic medication, is available in various injectable formulations to address the needs of individuals with schizophrenia. These formulations offer convenient dosing options and sustained release of medication for effective symptom management.
Abilify Maintena
Administered via intramuscular injection, Abilify Maintena provides a sustained release of medication for a duration of one month. This monthly injection ensures consistent therapeutic levels of the drug, promoting stability in schizophrenia treatment.
Abilify Asimtufii
Offering an extended dosing interval, Abilify Assure is administered via intramuscular injection every two months. This formulation provides prolonged symptom control, reducing the frequency of administration and enhancing patient adherence to the treatment regimen.
Aristada Aristada
Available in both one-month and two-month formulations, Aristada Aristada offers flexibility in dosing intervals for schizophrenia management. Administered via intramuscular injection, Aristada Aristada provides sustained release of medication, supporting long-term symptom control and improved patient outcomes.


Invega is another effective antipsychotic medication that is provided in injectable forms to ensure consistent treatment delivery and symptom management for individuals with schizophrenia.
Invega Sustenna
Administered through intramuscular injection, Invega Sustenna provides a sustained release of medication for a duration of one month. This monthly injection helps maintain therapeutic levels of the drug in the body, supporting stable symptom control and minimizing relapses.
Invega Trinza
Offering an extended dosing interval, Invega Trinza is administered via intramuscular injection every three months. This longer-lasting formulation provides prolonged symptom relief, reducing the frequency of injections and improving treatment adherence.
Invega Hafyera
With an even longer dosing interval, Invega Hafyera is administered via intramuscular injection every six months. This extended-release formulation offers convenient dosing and sustained symptom control, optimizing schizophrenia management.


Risperidone is a commonly prescribed antipsychotic that is available in injectable formulations to provide effective symptom relief and improved treatment adherence for individuals with schizophrenia.
Risperidone Consta
Administered through intramuscular or subcutaneous routes every two weeks, Risperidone Consta offers a reliable treatment option for schizophrenia management. This biweekly injection ensures consistent medication delivery, supporting stable symptom control and reduced relapse risk.
Risperidone Rykindo
Similar to Risperidone Consta, Risperidone Rykindo is administered every two weeks via intramuscular or subcutaneous routes. This formulation provides sustained symptom relief and improved patient adherence to the treatment regimen.
Risperidone Perseris
Administered via intramuscular injection once a month, Risperidone Perseris offers a convenient dosing option for individuals with schizophrenia. This monthly injection ensures consistent medication levels, promoting stable symptom control and enhanced treatment compliance.
Risperidone Uzedy
Another monthly injectable option, Risperidone Uzedy, provides sustained release of medication for schizophrenia management. Administered via intramuscular injection, Risperidone Uzedy supports long-term symptom control and improved patient outcomes.

Treatment Process and Administration

At PB Psychiatric Services, we prioritize comprehensive and personalized treatment approaches for individuals with schizophrenia. Our treatment process begins with a thorough assessment by our experienced healthcare providers to determine the most suitable course of action.
For individuals considering Long-Acting Injectable (LAI) treatments, we offer detailed education and guidance to ensure a smooth administration process and optimal treatment outcomes.
Thorough evaluation of individual symptoms and medical history. Assessment of medication adherence and treatment preferences.
Detailed explanation of LAI medications, including benefits and potential side effects. Guidance on the administration process and injection frequency.
Intramuscular injection of LAIs performed by trained healthcare professionals. Injection sites typically include the arm or buttocks for optimal absorption.
Regular follow-up appointments to monitor treatment response and adjust the treatment plan as needed. Ongoing support and guidance to ensure optimal symptom management and overall well-being.

Efficacy and Success Rates

Understanding the efficacy and success rates of treatment options is crucial for individuals managing schizophrenia. At PB Psychiatric Services, we prioritize evidence-based practices to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients. 

Long-Acting Injectable (LAI) medications have demonstrated efficacy in managing symptoms of schizophrenia and reducing the risk of relapse. Studies have shown that LAIs can significantly improve medication adherence and treatment outcomes compared to oral medications. 

Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance to help individuals achieve success in their treatment journey. Through regular monitoring and personalized care plans, we aim to maximize the efficacy of LAI treatments and enhance the overall quality of life for our patients.

Consultation and Treatment Planning

At PB Psychiatric Services, our consultation process is designed to empower individuals with schizophrenia to take control of their mental health journey. During your consultation, our compassionate healthcare professionals will take the time to listen to your concerns, understand your unique needs, and collaborate with you to develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your goals and preferences. 

We believe in a holistic approach to mental health care, considering not only medication management but also therapy, lifestyle changes, and support networks. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge, resources, and support you need to manage your symptoms and improve your overall well-being effectively.


Ans: Injectable medications are generally safe when administered by trained healthcare professionals. Like any medication, they may cause side effects, but these are usually mild and transient.
Ans: Injectable medications offer several advantages, including improved medication adherence, reduced risk of hospitalization, and fewer side effects compared to oral medications.
Ans: The frequency of injections depends on the specific medication and individual treatment plan. Some injectable medications are administered every few weeks, while others may last for several months with just one dose.
Ans: It is possible to switch from oral medication to injectable medication. Your healthcare provider can help determine if this is the right option for you and guide you through the transition process.
Ans: If you are considering injectable medication, it's important to discuss your options with your healthcare provider. They can help assess your symptoms, medication adherence, and treatment goals to determine if injectable medication is suitable for you.

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